Future Classroom Lab Norway

The National network for Future Classroom Labs in Teacher Education was formed to sustain collaboration that have previously been maintained byt the Directorate of Education. The national network is made up and run by Universities and Universty colleges in Norway. The formal network and its new board was founded on May 11th 2021. The board consists of one member from each member institution.

Main goals are to: 

  • Promote professional digital competence in teacher education.
  • Build and maintain networks of institutions that have FCL.
  • Promote and contribute to sharing of experiences.  
  • Contribute to professional developement on a national level.
  • Support institutions in the developement of their FCLs.
  • Contribute with collecting research on use of technoloy and be a resource for schools and kindergartens.

The National Network is open to all Universities and University Colleges that use a version of Future Classroom Labs in their Teacher Education programs.

Main activities include: 

  • Network seminars and conferences (digital and in-person)  
  • Share (and create) shares learning resources 
  • Building networks by connecting people across institutions
  • Maintain contact with EUN FCL (Lead Ambassadors)
  • Coordination across institutions  
  • Hosting workshops and events for sharing experiences  
  • Maintain network with regional schools

Members of the board